Quès acco? : What is it?


texte altIn late 2007, after the split of a progressive metal band in which Michel (bass) and Stéphane (guitar) played, the two friends meet around a campfire (quickly extinguished by local police (it’s forbidden to set fire in the middle of an orphanage, it's very rude)) to discuss a common musical future. Michel (also bassist in Excavated) proposes his songs to Stéphane. Then, the style will be clear: there will be no style ... Or there will be lots of styles, it depends on how you see the bottle half empty or half full (If it is half full, I suggest you to remove the bottle from your computer, it can fall on your keyboard and your computer will be half fucked). The chosen name will be Caligula, that way everyone will wonder why Caligula was chosen as the band’s name.


Si vis pacem, para bellum: If you want peace, prepare for war.


texte altI am pleased that you have moved your bottle, an accident happens so quickly. Since the base is composed of metal, the two fellows must engage the services of a drummer with arms like thighs. "I want a canon of 75, nom di djû! "(Michel Debois wishes to see a drummer with a heavy strike in the group). Therefore, Sébastien Dispas (also drummer in Mactabis and who used to jam with Michel regularly) joined the group. He is from 79, but anyway, he is a canon...


Nil desperandum: Do not despair.


texte altSteph, Miche and Seba (called Pim, Pam, Poum only in this paragraph to avoid repetition) start to look for a singer. The first ones to try his hand at singing fail, not without merit, but Pim is particularly demanding. The music continues to take shape without vocals, but quickly, Pim, Pam, Poum restart their Star Search Casting ... Laurent Wallraf (Singer in Salmonellose (Corrida Metal, RIP, a band in which Michel performed too) ) joins the band. We will call him Pom because Wallraf is a name that can be scary when you say it fast. Pam and Poum are also happy because they know Pom (he is the brother-in-law of Pam's best friend).


Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est: Knowledge is power.


texte altDrums, a guitar, a bass and a voice, are enough for a band to do wonders, but Caligula’s songs also feature classical keyboards parts, a reminiscence of  Miche’s organ lessons... well, “classical”, not always, please refer to the first paragraph about the bottle, and you should really store this bottle elsewhere, it is half full !!! Catherine Seba is chosen. She is a friend from the band and the only person capable to handle what the Indians call “machine with black and white keys that calls the gods”, also known as the piano.


Plaudite, cives ! : Applaud, citizens !


The 5 centurions can at last go out of their cave and share their music with the public. Their first live shows are successful. Caligula shares the bill with extreme metal bands and the audience’s reaction is extremely positive. Many songs are tested as the band starts preparing for the recording of its first album.


Exegi monumentum aere perennius : I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze.


During the summer of 2010, the band heads for the Jack Studio to record “Not too short to be great”, the self-produced and astroregulated album by Caligula. It quickly receives critical acclaim and sells like a pissing cow.


Dum vita est, spes est : While there's life, there's hope.


texte alt2011 does not start well as Caligula must face the departure of their charming keyboard player, which leaves the band with 4 centurions, like a 80% filled bottle but also like a 20% empty bottle (I don't know how you managed to fill your bottle so quickly). Forced to find a replacement that’s up to the task, they hire Julien Cathalo (ex-Carnival in Coal).


Quomodo vales ? : How are you ?


Those are the first words spoken by Julien when he joins the band. His mastery of the “machine with black and white keys that calls the gods” charms the other musicians and after a few rehearsals, Caligula takes the road again.


Panem et circenses : Bread and games.


During the summer of 2011, Caligula travels across Belgium to promote its “Not too short to be great”, including a notable show at the Fiesta du Rock in Flémalle. Each live show is an opportunity to party and many bottles end up empty.


Mihi cura futuri : My concern is the future.


Share our music, tell your friends “Hey, I found out about Caligula, they’re great, you want to listen ? I bought their album on iTunes, take a seat. Want a drink ?”. And then warm your friends about the risks of dropping liquid on your computer keyboard.


Qui habet aures audiendi, audiat : He who has ears, let him understand how to listen.


Now it is your turn to Caligulate your ears !


Utrem instillatur: The bottle has fallen


We warned you !


texte alt

Duos habet and bene pendentes : He has two, and they dangle nicely

We are now in 2013, time flies...After many intense concerts, meeting crazy fans, Caligula released his second album entitled "Greastest Hits". Released in June on Dooweet Records, it was recorded at the "Blackout Multimedia» Brussels by Jeremy Béziers (Emptiness - Enthroned). Once again, this second album allows the group to show the diversity of his influences while retaining the ingredients that have made the success of "Not too short to be great." The music can be described as a huge metal pot filled with an unlikely musical broth ready to be tasted.

texte alt

Res ipsa loquitur "The thing itself speaks"

This album contains :

 - Libidinous Robots

 - Cowboys

 - Vikings

 - A scottish song without bagpipe

 - An elephant

 - Real romans

 - Puzzles !!!

 - Sounds of old video games

 - Arno Strobl from Carnival in Coal

 - Real Thrash Riffs

 - Cats

 - The “Nile riff”

 - The “Elvis California Missouri riff”

 - Greastest hats by Jérôme Pestifer Bernard

 - 12 tracks

 - More than 48' of True Belgian Tralala Metal

Post cenam non stare sed mille passus meare : Do not rest after dinner, but walk a mile.

Caligula is on the road again and it's going to huuuuuurt!

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