Review of Not Too Short to Be Great in Metalliville

CALIGULA - Not Too Short to be Great
(S/R - 2011)

The commonly revered art of crossing styles has visibly shed all its remaining limitations up to here, in 2011.

Stoner metal and ska, as close an interpretation of Caligula’s output as I can muster is sailing as dangerously near to the wind as is now safe unless the clouds have backed off themselves. Switching their direction unevenly throughout the eight track album, between fast brutal metal and bop-along brass-laden sections, this Belgian five piece suddenly become hugely entertaining and certainly in a non-derogatory sense.

Purists are set to be very selective when faced with ‘Everyone Sucks But Us’, ‘Rackham The Red’, ‘Thrashing Puppies’, ‘Hard Rock N’ Roll’ and ‘The Great Supervillain’ but behind some blatantly corny titles of the kind you’d have come across on a Lawnmower Deth album or two in the past, lie some lovely fast speed metal rhythms and while the symphonic keyboard samples are trying to dig it in fine, the whole album remains fun.

Not too short to be great but short enough to perhaps ask for further.


By Dave Attrill